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"Maaraa Prabhu To Naanaa Che" Lyrics and Translation

Singing to kids is one of the easiest ways to submerge them (and you) in a different language. More importantly, it's fun! Some of my fondest memories are of my mom singing me lullabies and nursery rhymes, and it is so special to have her sing those same lullabies and rhymes to my own daughter, years later. If you are like me, you might find it hard to memorize the various Gujarati songs we have, but don't worry-- VedInk has you covered! Each week we will try to upload the lyrics of a different Gujarati nursery rhyme in both Gujarati and English, along with the translation. This week's rhyme is "Maaraa Prabhu to Naanaa Che".

Nursery Rhyme:

મારા પ્રભુ તો નાના છે

દુનિયા ભર ના રાજા છે

આભે ચડીને ઊભા છે

સાગર જળમાં સુતા છે

યમુના કિનારે બેટા છે

મિટી બંસરી બજાવે છે

પગ માં ઝાંઝર પહેરીયા છે

છનનન, છનનન નાચે છે


Maaraa prabhu to naanaa che

Duniyaa bhar naa raajaa che

Aabhe chadine ubhaa che

Saagar jalmaa sutaa che

Yamunaa kinaare betaa che

Meeti bansari bajaave che

Pag maa jhaanjhar paheriyaa che

Chhananana chhananana naache che


My God is small,

but He is the king of the world.

He stands amongst the clouds.

He sleeps on the waves of the ocean.

He sits on the bank of the Yamuna river.

He plays the flute beautifully.

He has jhaanjhars (anklets) on His feet,

so when He dances He makes a “chhananana” noise.

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