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Ram Navmi!

Learn about Ram and his family with this fun activity in honor of Ram Naumi!

Grow with the Gita!

Gita Jayanti just passed, but we don't have to wait for next year to open the Gita again! Check out this activity to help bring the Gita...

Get schooled on Diwali!

The great thing about America is that it is a melting pot for different cultures. But how do we keep our culture alive within that pot?...

Days of Diwali!

Diwali is just around the corner. Light up your house with this fun craft that also teaches your kid the 5 days of Diwali. Step 1: Draw a...

Grow with Ganesh!

Ganesh Chaturthi has passed, but its never too late to grow with Ganesh. One of my favorite things about Indian culture is that...

Krafts with Krishna

One of my favorite stotras is "Shri Krishnastakam", so here is a fun craft based on that stotra that you can do with your kids.

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