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Let's Learn About ળ!

Kids learn best when they are having fun. I have found that my toddler is most excited to learn Gujarati when I associate the letters with fun activities or stories. That’s why each week we feature a Gujarati letter of the week, where we share activities and stories that are based on that letter. This week’s letter is ળ.


Creating Corner:

First up, let's put the ળ in ઘડિયાળ (gadiyaad, clock).

Let's make a clock!

  1. Grab a paper plate.

  2. Write Gujarati numbers from one to twelve in a circle around the outside of the plate. Check out the photo to the right for an example. Make sure to space the numbers appropriately!

  3. Cut a hole in the center of the plate. Fold a pipe cleaner in such a way that one end is longer than the other. The longer end will be your hour hand and the shorter end will be your minute hand. Then, thread the pipe cleaner through the center of the hole. See the photo to the left for a visual depiction!

  4. Have your kid practice reading time by moving the minute and hour hand to different positions!

Now, let's put the ળ in ગરોળી (garodi, lizard).

Check out this awesome blog for some instructions on how to make a lizard out of cardboard:


Activity time:

First up, let's put the ળ in પીળું (peedum, yellow).

For the whole day, have your kid wear the color yellow in honor of our letter of the week!

Next up, let's put the ળ in ફળ (phad, fruit).

Who doesn't love fruit? This activity is a great way to help your kids bring their love of fruit to life.

  1. Have your kid and their friends come together (either virtually or in person) for this game of Pictionary!

  2. Each kid should take turns and draw his/her favorite fruit on a piece of paper. The other kids in the group should try to guess what fruit the kid is drawing.

**If you do not have a group of kids or if your kid is too young to draw, then you can just take a trip to the grocery store or kitchen and have your kid name as many fruits as they can!



My kid LOVES stories. I have found that relating Gujarati letters to specific stories helps her associate the letter with more words and helps her practice saying the letter out loud. For the letter ળ share the story of the વાદળ (vaadal/cloud). You can read this story (and more) under the “Gujarati stories” tab on our website.


Character/Quality Corner: While learning letters is super important, learning character is even more important. So why not do both simultaneously? Associating letters with characters and qualities helps pique my kid’s interest in great historical figures while also allowing her to practice saying the letter out loud.


  1. શરમાળ (sharmaad, shy)

  2. સરળ (saral, straightforward)


  1. હોળી (Holi)



The best way to learn a letter is to sing it! For the letter ળ, sing the song ધોળું ધોળું સસલું (dholu dholu sasalu, white white rabbit). Check it out on the following YouTube link:


Word Salad: The best way to learn another language is to hear as many words as possible. For the letter ળ, check out these words. While they may not start with ળ, they will still help your kid practice the sound!

  1. આંગળી (angadi, finger)

  2. કાગળ (kaagal, paper)

  3. ગરોળી (garodi, lizard)

  4. ગોળ (gol, round)

  5. બાળકો (baalako, children)

  6. શિયાળ (shiyaad, fox)

  7. સંભાળ (sambaal, care)

  8. સફળ (safal, success)

  9. પીળું (peedum, yellow)

  10. ધોળું (dhodu, white)

  11. કાળું (kaadu, black)

  12. નબળું (nabalum, weak)

  13. ઘડિયાળ (gadiyaad, watch)

  14. સ્થળો (sthalo, places)

  15. નળ (nal, tap/faucet)

  16. હથેળી (hatheli, palm)

  17. ચળકે (chalke, shiny)

  18. નાળિયર (naadiyar, coconut)

  19. મંગળવારે (mangalvaar, tuesday)

  20. કમળ (kamal, lotus)

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jaydeep chavada
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