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Summer Shloks Fun!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Just because its summer doesn't mean we cant still learn! This summer we will be doing different projects based on shloks from Indian culture to help make culture and learning fun for our kids.


This week's shlok is:

gange ca yamune caiva godāvari sarasvati .

narmade sindhu kāveri jale’smin samnidhim kuru

ગંગે ચ યમુને ચૈવ ગોદાવરી સરસ્વતી

નર્મદે સિંધુ કાવેરી જલેસ્મિન્ સન્નિધિં કુરુ

This shlok names the 7 sacred rivers in India (Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Saraswati, Narmade, SIndhu and Kaveri. It asks these holy waters to be present in the water we bathe in. Essentially it is an expression of gratitude to God for giving us water and to these bodies of water for providing us with the means to nourish and cleanse our bodies, so we try to recite these shloks when we shower to help remind us to be grateful.



1. Click on the following link to print out the attached worksheets.

Gange che worksheet
Download PDF • 251KB

2. Have your kid trace over the Gujarati shlok and the Gujarati river names so they can practice their Gujarati.

3. On the page with the black dotted lines, color the map of India. Be sure to color the 7 rivers in blue!

4. Cut out the black dotted lines. We are going to make a flip book, so make sure that your kid only cuts where the dotted lines are so the flaps are still attached to the paper.

5. Glue the page that has not been cut on the bottom of the page that now has 7 flaps.

6. Quiz your kid on the 7 sacred rivers of India using your new flip book!

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