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Let's Learn About ઠ!

Kids learn best when they are having fun. I have found that my toddler is most excited to learn Gujarati when I associate the letters...

Let's learn about ટ!

Make a topi (hat)! Make a tapal peti (mailbox)! Sing some songs. And, all the while, learn about ટ!

Let's Review Gujarati Numbers

Math may be a universal language, but learning Gujarati numbers is still hard! Which is why interactive number-based games can help your kid

Review of ક -ઝ!

Practice makes perfect, but practice can also be really hard (am I right)? Here are interactive review exercises to make practicing fun!

Let's learn about ઝ!

Go outside and find a Jhaad! Read a story! And, all the while, practice writing the letter ઝ)!

Let's learn about જ!

Do some Jaadu! Play Janki Says. Work on your opposites! But, most of all, work on saying જ!

Let's learn about છ!

Wet your appetite for learning, not your clothes! Make a chhatri (umbrella). Sing some nursery rhymes. And, all the while, learn about ચ!

Let's learn about ચ!

Make a Chakli (bird). Play a scavenger hurt. Sing (as loud as you can). But most importantly, learn about ચ!

Let's learn about ઘ!

Shake things up in your ghar (house) by making a paper ghar! Act out animals that start with ઘ. Most importantly, learn more about ઘ!

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