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Let's Review Gujarati Numbers

Math may be a universal language, but learning Gujarati numbers is still hard! Which is why interactive number-based games can help your kid learn numbers easier.


Shape Drawings!

This simple game can help your kid learn two basic things--shapes and numbers!

  1. Draw simple drawings using only shapes. We have included 4 sample drawings below including a train, a bird, an ice cream cone, and a house. However, you can get creative with this and draw anything from cars to pizzas to flowers!

  2. Ask your kid how many of each shape are in each drawing. Make sure they use the Gujarati word. For example, for the train drawing, there is ૧ (1, ek) square, ૨ (2, be) triangles, ૩ (3, tran) rectangles, and ૪ (4, chaar) circles.

  3. Then draw shapes below each drawing and have your kid write out how many of each shape they can find in each drawing. For example, for the bird drawing, they would write the number ૪ (4, chaar) under the triangle shape.


Here are two tables with a few Gujarati numbers and shapes to help with the above activity:



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