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Grow with the Gita!

Gita Jayanti just passed, but we don't have to wait for next year to open the Gita again! Check out this activity to help bring the Gita into your home and hearts.

  1. Print out the template at the bottom of this page.

  2. Have your kid color and decorate the person so that it looks just like them. Add hair or their favorite shirt-- get creative!

  3. Make an origami heart. Check out this YouTube video for some step by step instructions on how to do this:

  4. Glue the origami heart to the center of your drawing.

  5. Write "Ohm" on a small piece of paper. Explain to your kids the meaning of "Ohm".

  6. Place the "Ohm" inside the origami heart to signify one of the main teachings of the Gita: "sarvasya chaaham hridi sannivishto"/ God is in the hearts of all.


Gita Jayanti Project
Download PDF • 138KB

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