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Review of ક -ઝ!

Practice makes perfect, but practice can also be really hard (am I right)? Here are some fun review exercises we have been doing to help practice the Gujarati letters we have learned so far.


Scavenger Hunt!

Hunt through your house (and mind) for these objects. Make sure to use the Gujarati word. When we play this, my kid also practices writing the corresponding letter for each object she finds. For example, if I ask her to find કાતર (scissors), we will then practice writing the letter ક! Here are some examples of household items you can have your kid search for. There are more examples in each individual letter's blog post too!

  1. ક for કાતર (scissors)

  2. ક for કાગર (paper)

  3. ખ for ખટારો (truck)

  4. ખ for ખાંડ (sugar)

  5. ખ for ખજૂર (date)

  6. ગ for ગાડી (car)

  7. ઘ for ઘડિયાળ (watch)

  8. ચ for ચમચી (spoon)

  9. છ for છત્રી (umbrella)

  10. જ for જામલી (purple)

  11. ઝ for ઝાડ (tree)


Sensory Bag!

I don't know about you, but my kid gets tired of practicing the alphabet by putting paper to pen (and I get tired of trying to force her to practice the alphabet)! One way to turn "homework" into "fun" is by switching things up and practicing on a sensory bag instead of paper.

  1. Check out this website for a step-by-step guide on how to make a sensory bag.

  2. Once you and your kid have made the bag, you guys can practice writing the letters ક -ઝ with your fingers.

** You can also use this bag to help teach your kid shapes and the English alphabet too!


Creative Corner

Your kid can flex their art skills as well as their Gujarati skills by drawing different things that start with the letters ક -ઝ. You can draw some of the items from the Scavenger Hunt activity above or get creative with it. If your kid is young (like mine), then you can use this time to practice their fine motor skills and teach them shapes as well.

For example, draw a square. Then draw a triangle on top of the square. Voila! You made a ઘર (house). Make sure you label the છાપરું (roof) as well!

***Below are a few simple drawings based on the letters ક -ઝ that only use basic shapes!


Gujarati Worksheets

Head over to the main website page and download the Gujarati worksheets for extra practice!

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